The Legend of Zelda

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(Reguidit frae The Leegend o Zelda)
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The Legend of Zelda ("The Leegend o Zelda") is a weel likit group o video gemmes. It haes a laddie named Link that whiles haes tae sauf Princess Zelda frae a gadgie cried Ganon. The gemmes wis made bi Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese body frae Nintendo. The gemmes is a mellin o action, adventur, riddles, an whiles lowpin an racin pairts.

Aw the Legend of Zelda gemmes thegither haes selt 50,000,000 gemmes, an is the 6t best-sellin video gemmes e'er. Thare's 14 Legend of Zelda gemmes.

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