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Nintendo Switch
Nintendo-Switch-Console-Docked-wJoyConRB.jpg rameless
A Nintendo Switch console in docked mode (abuin) an portable mode (ablo)
An aa kent as NX (codename)
Developer Nintendo
Manufacturer Nintendo PTD
Type Hybrid video gemme console
Release date
  • WW: 3 Mairch 2017
Retail availability 2017–present
Introductory price
Units sauld 22.86 million (as o 30 September 2018)
Operatin seestem Nintendo Switch seestem saftware
Pouer 4310 mAh lithium-ion battery
Seestem-on-chip uised Custom Nvidia Tegra (20 nm) [1]
CPU Octa-core (4×ARM Cortex-A57 & 4×ARM Cortex-A53) @ 1.020 GHz
Storage capacity Internal flash memory: 32 GB
Memory 4 GB LPDDR4
Display 6.2-inch, 1280 × 720 LCD @ 237 ppi
Soond Linear PCM 5.1ch (via HDMI)
Stereo speakers
Headphone jack
Controller input Joy-Con, Pro Controller
Touchpad Capacitive
Connectivity 2.4/5 GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.1
1 × USB 3.0 (on dock)
2 × USB 2.0 (on dock)
1 × USB Type-C (on unit)
Dimensions 9.41 by 4.02 by 0.55 inches (23.9 cm × 10.2 cm × 1.4 cm) (Console only)
Wicht 10.48 ounces (297 g) (Console only)
Best-sellin gemme Super Mario Odyssey, 12.17 million (as o 30 September 2018)
Predecessor Wii U

Nintendo Switch (Japanese: ニンテンドースイッチ, Hepburn: Nintendō Suitchi) is a video gemme console bi Nintendo. Offeecially unveiled in October 2016, it wis released warldwide on 3 Mairch 2017. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device; the Switch console is a tablet-lik portable console, which can be insertit intae a dockin station attached tae a televeesion tae uise it as a hame console. Despite this chairacteristic, Nintendo still mercats the Switch as primarily bein a hame console rather nor a portable.[2] The Switch featurs twa detachable wireless controllers, which can be uised individually or attached tae a grip tae provide a tradeetional gamepad form.

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