Game Boy Advance

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Game Boy Advance
1st generation Game Boy Advance
Product faimilyGame Boy line
TypeHaundheld gemme console
GenerationSaxt generation era
Retail availability
    • CN: June 8, 2004
    • BR: March 4, 2002
    • KOR: June 11, 2001
          (Korean, April 1, 2003)
          Units sauldWarldwide: 81.51 million, aw versions combined (as o Juin 30, 2010).
          Japan: 16.96 million
          Americas: 41.64 million
          Ither: 22.91 million[4]
          MediaROM cartridge
          CPU16.78 MHz ARM7TDMI
          8 or 4 MHz Z80 coprocessor
          Display240×160 pixel resolution
          GraphicsCustom 2D core
          Best-sellin gemmePokémon Ruby and Sapphire, 16 million combined[5]
          Game Boy, Game Boy Color (GBA & GBA SP only)
          PredecessorGame Boy Color[6]
          SuccessorGame Boy Advance SP (redesign)
          Game Boy Micro (redesign/concurrent)
          Nintendo DS (successor)

          The Game Boy Advance (Japanese: ゲームボーイアドバンス, Hepburn: Gēmu Bōi Adobansu), eften shortened tae GBA, is a 32-bit haundheld video gemme console developed, manufacturt an mercatit bi Nintendo. It is the successor tae the Game Boy Color.

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