The Great Dictator

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Heil Chaplin!!

The Great Dictator, "the Greit Dictator" in Scots, is a pictur directit bi an starrin Charlie Chaplin. First released in 15 October, 1940, it is a satire on fascism an in parteecular Adolf Hitler an Nazism. Chaplin's pictur is kenspeckle fae this pre-Warld Weir II period (1940) for its fearless saitirisation an condemnation o Hitler an Nazism, an for its gleg shawin o the plicht o Jews in Europe. It wis Chaplin's first talkin pictur, an hauds the disteenction o bein baith his maist controversial an sonsefu pictur. Apairt fae the pictur itssel, this public confront o the maist-loued hallion o his times (Chaplin) against the maist laithed leader (Hitler) is historically unique.

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