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Deprecated fields[eedit soorce]

Our Scots template is, or is based on, enwiki. But the articles that invoke it are using the fieldnames of frwiki.

The calling structure looks like this:

{{French commune |nomcommune=Ailhon |région=[[Rhône-Alpes]] |département=Ardèche |arrondissement=Largentière |canton=Aubenas |insee=07002 |cp=07200 |maire=Jean-Paul Lardy |mandat=2001-2014 |intercomm=Vinobre |longitude=4.34277777778 |latitude=44.5988888889 |alt moy=406 |alt mini=258 |alt maxi=544 |hectares=780 |km²=7.8 |sans=336 |date-sans=1999 |dens=43 }}

Varlaam (talk) 15:50, 4 October 2012 (UTC)