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Chicago is the lairgest ceety in the US state o Illinois. Wi ower 2.8 million indwallers, it is the third lairgest ceety in the Unitit States. Locatit on the soothwastren shore o Loch Michigan, Chicago is the third-maist densely populatit major ceety in the US, and centur o the warld's 26t lairgest metropolitan aurie, wi ower 9.5 million indwallers in three states. Chicago is the coonty seat o Cook Coonty, the seicont lairgest coonty in the Unitit States bi population.

Chicago wis foondit in 1833, near a portage atween the Great Lakes an the Mississippi River wattershed. The day, the ceety retains its status as a major hub for industry, telecommunications an infrastructure, wi O'Hare Internaitional Airport being the seicont busiest airport in the warld. In 2008, the ceety hostit 45.6 million domestic an owerseas visitors. As o 2010, Chicago's metropolitan aurie haes the 4t lairgest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) o aw metropolitan auries in the warld.

The ceety is a center for business an finance an is leetit as ane o the warld's top ten Global Financial Centers. The Warld Cities Study Group at Loughborough University ratit Chicago as an "alpha warld ceety".

In a 2010 survey collaboration atween Foreign Policy an A.T Kearney rankin ceeties, Chicago ranked 6t juist efter Paris an Hong Kong. The rankin assesses five dimensions: value o caipital mercats, diversity o human caipital, internaitional information resources, international cultural resources, an poleetical influence. Chicago haes been ranked bi Forbes as the warld's 5t maist economically pouerful ceety. Chicago is a stranghauld o the Democratic Pairty an haes been hame tae mony influential politeecians, includin, Barack Obama.

The ceety's notoriety is expressed in popular cultur is foond in novels, plays, movies, sangs, various types o journals (e.g., sports, entertainment, business, trade, an academic), an the news media. Chicago haes numerous nicknames, which reflect the impressions an opinions aboot historical an contemporary Chicago. The best kent include: "Chi-toun," "Windy Ceety," "Seicont Ceety," an the "Ceety o Big Shoulders.". Chicago haes an aa been cried "the maist American o big ceeties".

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