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Loch Michigan

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US Highway 2 alang Loch Michigan

Loch Michigan is ane o the five Great Lochs o North Americae, an the anly ane locatit entirely within the Unitit States. Geologically, it is a lairge bay o Loch Michigan-Huron (i.e., amang ither things, thay share an elevation level) . Bi itself, it is the seicond lairgest o the Great Lakes bi volume an the third lairgest bi surface aurie, behind Loch Superior an Loch Huron (an is slichtly smawer than the American state o Wast Virginia). It is boondit, frae wast tae east, bi the American states o Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, an Michigan. The wird "Michigan" oreeginally referred tae the loch itself, an is believed tae come frae the Ojibwa wird mishigami meanin "great water".