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Goddess o bairnbirth
The river goddess Taweret, portrayed as a bipedal hippopotamus wi limbs like those o a feline. Her haund rests on the sa sign, a hieroglyph that means “protection.”
Name in hieroglyphs
Major cult centrerNo applicable; Taweret wis a hoosehauld deity worshippit throuoot Egyp.
Symbolthe sa, ivory dagger, Hippopotamus
ConsortSeth, in accordance wi Plutarch’s accoont
AffspringAmun-Re (Ptolemaic)

In Egyptian meethologie, Taweret (spelled Taurt, Tuat, Taouris, Tuart, Ta-weret, Tawaret, Twert, an Taueret an aw, an in Greek, Θουέρις "Thouéris" an Toeris ) is the protective auncient Egyptian goddess o bairnbirth an growthiness. The name "Taweret" (Tȝ-wrt) means, "she who is great" or simply, "great ane," a common paceeficatory address tae dangerous deities.[1] The deity is teepically depictit as a bipedal female hippopotamus wi feline attributes, pendulous female human breasts, an the back o a Nile crocodile. She commonly bears the epithets “Lady o Heiven,” “Mistress o the Horizon,” “She Who Remuives Watter,” “Mistress o Pur Watter,” an “Lady o the Birth Hoose.”[2]

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