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Tata Steel Europe Ltd.
Umwhile cried
Corus (1999–2010)
(Private leemitit company)
Industrie Steel industry
Foondit Corus Group plc (1999)
Heidquarters Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Hans Fischer, CEO
Henrik Adam, CCO
Tor Farquhar, Executive Director Human Resources
N.K Misra, Director Finance
Bimlendra Jha CEO (Tata Steel UK)
Revenue US$16.15 billion (year endin 31 Mairch 2012)[1]
US$349 million (year endin 31 Mairch 2012)[1]
Awner Tata Group
Parent Tata Steel
Wabsteid tatasteeleurope.com

Tata Steel Europe Ltd. (umwhile Corus Group plc) is a steelmaking company heidquartert in Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick, wi its main operations in the Unitit Kinrick an the Netherlands.

The Company wis formed frae the merger o Koninklijke Hoogovens N.V. wi British Steel plc on 6 October 1999. It wis once a constituent o the FTSE 100 Index, but wis taken over bi Tata in 2007.

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