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British Steel (Scots: Breetish Steel) wis a major Breetish steel producer. It originated as a nationalised industry, the British Steel Corporation (BSC), formed in 1967. This wis converted to a limited company, British Steel PLC, an privatised in 1988. It wis ance a constituent o the FTSE 100 Index but following mergers, the business is now owned bi Corus, a Tata Steel company.

Nationalisation[eedit | eedit soorce]

BSC wis formed frae the assets o former private companies which had been nationalised, largely under the Labour Party government o Harold Wilson (1964–1970). Wilson's wis the seicont attempt at nationalisation, Clement Attlee's Iron and Steel Corporation of Great Britain having been largely privatised by the Conservative governments of the 1950s. Only ane steel company, Richard Thomas and Baldwins, remained in public ownership throughout.