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Tariel Oniani
Born Tkibuli,  Georgie
Criminal charge

Tariel Oniani (Georgie: ტარიელ ონიანი, Roushie: Тариэл Ониани) is a Georgie mobster an 'thief in law'. He is reportitly a member o the "Kutaisi" creeminal gang.[1]

Backgrund an activity in Spain[eedit | eedit soorce]

Born in the minin toun o Tkibuli in the umwhile Georgie SSR, Oniani's faither dee'd wirkin in a mine an he turned tae a life o creeme. At the age o 17 he wis convictit o airmit robbery an servit time in preeson. It wis here that he wis initiatit as a 'vor v zakone', or thief-in-law. Bi the 1980s he wis ane o the maist prominent thieves in law o Moscow.[2]

In the 1990s Oniani muivit tae Paris, whaur he wis introducit tae Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov. Efter bein chairgit wi several creemes he muivit on tae Spain,[2] whaur he awned stock in an airline an whaur he ran a construction business employin illegal Georgie immigrants till in 2005 Spainyie polis conductit a lairge scale operation against his organisation. Oniani wis chairgit wi money launderin, transferrin illegal immigrants an organisin a creeminal gang but managit tae avoid the sting, while 100 o his wirkers, 28 members o his gang includin business pairtner Zakhar Kalashov[3] an even his 12-year-auld dochter Gvantsa wur detained.[2] It wis at aroond this time he wis put on Interpol's list of wantit creeminals.[1]

Return tae Moscow an gang warfare[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter the 2005 incident Tariel Oniani muivit back tae Moscow, unner the assumit identity o Tariel Mulukhov.[1] Tensions grew atween Oniani an rival creeme boss an vor Aslan "Grandpa Hassan" Usoyan. Aroond 2007, members o Usoyan's gang stairtit turnin up deid, includin Armenie naitional Alek Minalyan, who wis allegitly in chairge o extortin construction firms wirkin on the 2014 Winter Olympics.[4]

In 2008 in response tae the growin violence a meetin wis cried on Oniani's private yacht in an attempt tae mak peace atween the twa factions. Housomeivver, Roushie authorities wur notifee'd o the meetin an uised the opportunity tae conduct a well-publicisit raid an arrest dozens o gangsters.[5] The gangsters wur paradit in front o media cameras bi polis afore bein detained. The yacht meetin did no break up the violence, an the mobsters turned tae notit vor Vyacheslav Ivankov tae act as a mediator. Ivankov endit up takkin the side o the aulder an mair experiencit Usoyan, rather than Oniani whom he saw as a younger upstairt.[4] In Julie 2009 Ivankov wis shot bi a sniper rifle while leavin a restaurant an dee'd o his woonds a few months later. It is believit his murther wis a result o his takkin the side o Usoyan in the gangland dispute.[6]

In Dizember 2011, Spainyie newspapers reportit that Tariel's mansion in Barcelona haes been illegally occupeed bi squatters. Ane squatter allegedly repelled some o the enforcers sent tae evict him. He sits in the mansion drinkin defiantly wodka an considerin hissel as the "maister" o the Mansion. Meanwhile Oniani wis placit unner arrest for the kidnappin o a businessman. Roushie authorities refused his advocate's bail affer o 15 million rubles.[1] Meanwhile athort Europe several o his subordinates hae been shot deid, includin Vladimir Janashia in Fraunce an Malhas Kitai in Greece.[7]

In Julie 2010 Oniani an associates wur sentencit tae 10 years for the kidnappin. Oniani reacted tae the verdict wi profanity an voued tae appeal.[8] In 2011, Oniani wis extraditit tae the Spainyie authorities.[9] In Januar 2013, Aslan Usoyan wis killed in Moscow, as competition atween him an Oniani increased.[10] Housomeivver, anither possible suspect in the Usoyan is believit tae be Azerbaijani mobster Rovshan Janiev.[11]

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