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Tabuk, Saudi Arabie

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Tabuk, Saudi Arabie

Tabuk (Arabic: تبوكTabūk), an aw spelled Tabouk, is the caipital ceety o the Tabuk Province in northwastren Saudi Arabie. It haes a population o 441,351 (2004 census).


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Aroond Tabuk, the Battle o Tabouk teuk place in the time o the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Aroond 500 BC, Tabuk toun (then kent as Taboo) wis, thegither wi Al Ola, the caipital o the prosperous Al Ayaneyean.

Monuments include the historic mosque, the Tabuk fortress an a railway station o the Hejaz Railway datin back tae the Ottoman Empire. In the Tabuk region, a number o important aircheological steids can be foond, includin Al Bidaa.

Geography an climate

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Desertous continental weather wi hot simmers an mild winters. Temperatur in the simmers are atween 26-46°C while in winter they're atween 4-18°C, wi wide spread frosts. Freezes are common wi temperaturs reachin law -6°C in some winters. Rainfaw in Tabuk Aurie faws in the winter months frae November tae Mairch an precipitation ranges atween 50 – 150 mm wi some no uncommon snaw ivery 3-4 years.

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Coordinates: 28°23′N 36°35′E / 28.383°N 36.583°E / 28.383; 36.583