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(Reguidit frae Ta’if)
A mosque in Taif
Taif is in the mid-soothwast o the kintra near tae Mecca

Taif (Arabic الطائف aṭ-Ṭā’if) is a ceety in the Mecca Province o Saudi Arabie at an elevation o 1,879 m (6,165 ft) on the slopes o the Sarawat Muntains (Al-Sarawat Muntains). It haes a population o 521,273 (2004 census). Each simmer the Saudi Govrenment muives frae the heat o Riyadh tae Taif. The ceety is the centre o an agricultural aurie kent for its grapes, roses an hinnie.


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The indwallers o Ta'if, are lairgely made up o the Hanbali an Maliki Sunnis Saudi Arabies. Thare are an aw significant foreign populations, primarily frae Asie, Turkey, an ither Arab kintras.

Notable residents

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Bani Hareth is ane o the Adnani Arabs tribes livin aroond Taif in Saudi Arabie. The tribe is ane o the biggest tribes in the aurie an occupees the full aurie atween Taif and Al Qunfuthah in Saudi. Bani Adwan is ane o the Adnani Arabs tribes livin oreeginally in the northren pairt o Taif, an in the soothren pairt o Jordan. Thu Al issba'a Al Adwani (in Arabic) is a figur o the tribe In the pre-islamic era, in which he's kent as a poet an a man o wisdom. Furthermair, Banu Thabet are fowk descendit frae Thabit. The tribe is oreeginally pairt o the Otaibah clan.


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Durin the pre-Islamic era, the ceety wis populatit bi the tribe o Thaqif. The ceety haed then the follaein chieftains:

an at least fower ithers.

Ither residents

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