Sweet Vengeance

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Sweet Vengeance is the debut full-length studio album bi the Greek/Swadish melodic daith metal baund, Nightrage. It wis released bi Century Media Records on Julie 30, 2003. It features a bonus track "Gloomy Daydreams" which is a demo version frae either their first or seicont demo which is ae for Japanese releases. The demo versions o "Ethereal Veils and Shrouds", "In My Heart of Hearts" an "The Tremor of Leaves in the Breeze" wur shortened tae "Ethereal", "In My Heart" an "The Tremor" respectively. Producer Fredrik Nordström actually teuk pairt an contributit keyboards on the album.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

1."The Tremor"3:17
2."The Glow of the Setting Sun"4:09
4."Elusive Emotion"3:45
5."Gloomy Daydreams"4:13
6."Macabre Apparition"3:31
7."In My Heart"3:19
9."Circle of Pain"4:21
10."At the Ends of the Earth"4:34
11."The Howls of the Wolves" (Instrumental)1:42
12."Gloomy Daydreams" (Extendit Demo Version) (Bonus track for Japan) 

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