Sverdlovsk, Ukraine

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Свердловськ(in Ukrainian)
Street Engels (Sverdlovsk).JPG
Banner o Sverdlovs'k
Coat o airms o Sverdlovs'k
Coat o airms
Sverdlovs'k is locatit in Ukraine
Location o Sverdlovsk
Coordinates: 48°04′40″N 39°38′50″E / 48.07778°N 39.64722°E / 48.07778; 39.64722Coordinates: 48°04′40″N 39°38′50″E / 48.07778°N 39.64722°E / 48.07778; 39.64722
Kintra Ukraine
OblastLuhansk Oblast
Ceety Status1938
 • MayorOleksandr Shmalts
 • Total83 km2 (32 sq mi)
268 m (879 ft)
 • Tot65,276
 • Density790/km2 (2,000/sq mi)
Postal code
Aurie code(s)(+380) 6434
Vehicle registrationBB / 13

Sverdlovsk (Ukrainian: Свердловськ, translit. Sverdlovs’k; Roushie: Свердловск) is a ceety in Luhansk Oblast (province) o sooth-eastren Ukraine. Servin as the admeenistrative centre o Sverdlovskyi Raion (destrict), the ceety itsel is designatit as a separate raion athin the oblast, an is locatit approximately 80 km frae the oblast caipital, Luhansk.

The current estimatit population is aroond 72,531 (as o 2001). Maist o the ceety residents wirk in the minin industry.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety tracks its ruits frae a smaw veelage in the heidstream o Dolzhyk River. At the end o the 18t century, it wis grantit bi Catherine the Great tae ataman Vasyl Orlov as a rewaird for his excellent militar service. The fermland teuk on the name Dolzhykovo-Orlovske. Development o the aurie significantly expandit towards the end o the 19t century, efter the discovery o coal in the Donetsk region. In 1938 the dounset receivit ceety status an its current name in memory o the Bolshevik leader Yakov Sverdlov.

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