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Suwaylih is located in Jordan
Location in Jordan
Coordinates: 32°1′48″N 35°49′47″E / 32.03000°N 35.82972°E / 32.03000; 35.82972
Kintra Jordan
GovrenorateAmman Govrenorate
Time zoneUTC + 2

Suwaylih (صويلح) is a toun in the north o Amman wi a population o ower 120,000.

The towun is kent for haein a guid climate throughoot the year, growin olives an grapes, an is the presence o mony hivy industries, such as auto assembly, steel an cement. Suwaylih haes a lairger population o Chechens, mony o whom muivit here durin the early days o Soviet oppression; they still preserve their leid an cultur.

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