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Sur, Oman

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Sur (Arabic: صور‎) is a caipital ceety o Ash Sharqiyah Region, northeastern Oman, on the coast o the Gulf o Oman. It is locatit at aroond 22°34′0″N 59°31′44″E / 22.56667°N 59.52889°E / 22.56667; 59.52889, and is 93 mile (150 km) sootheast o the Omani caipital Muscat. Historically the ceety is kent for being an important destination point for sailors. The day the sea still plays an important pairt o life in Sur.

Bi the 6t century, Sur wis an established centre for trade wi East Africae. In the 16t century, it was under Portuguese rule but wis liberatit bi the Omani imam Nasir ibn Murshid an unnerwent an economic revival, as a trade centre wi Indie an East Africae. This continued till the mid-19t century, when the Breetish ootlawed the slave trade. The ceety wis further ruined bi the openin o the Suez Canal, which saw it lose trade wi Indie.

The day the ceety haes retained its reputation as a major dhow-buildin toun, the vera same vessels that wur uised for trade twa centuries previously.

The main college in Sur is the Sur College o Applied Sciences. The college haes ower 4000 students an affers degrees in Business, Communication, Information Technology an Design. It is considered ane o the better institutions o heichher learnin in Oman.

Ane o the famous ceeties in the Gulf o Oman in buildin widden ships, its historical location gives it the hand tae monitor the Gulf o Oman an the Indian Ocean. Mony ships been built in this ceety an went tae Cheenae, Indie, Zanzibar, Iraq an mony kintras.

Sur wis battered badly bi Cyclone Gonu in Juin, 2007.

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Coordinates: 22°34′00″N 59°31′44″E / 22.5667°N 59.5289°E / 22.5667; 59.5289