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Stonewall Jackson

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Thomas Jonathan Jackson
General Jackson photographed at Winchester, Virginie 1862
Birth nameThomas Jonathan Jackson[1]
Elk-name"Stonewall" (Inglis: Stanewaw), "Old Jack" (Inglis: Auld Jack), "Old Blue Light" (Inglis: Auld Blue Licht, "Tom Fool"
Born21 Januar 1824(1824-01-21)[2]
Clarksburg, Virginie, U.S.
(nou Clarksburg, Wast Virginie)
Dee'd10 Mey 1863(1863-05-10) (aged 39)
Guinea Station, Virginie
Buried atStonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery
Lexington, Virginie, U.S.
Allegiance Unitit States o Americae
 Confederate States
Years o service
  • 1846–1851 (USA)
  • 1861–1863 (CSA)
Commands held

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (Januar 21, 1824 – Mey 10, 1863) wis a Confederate general during the American Ceevil War, an the best-kent Confederate commander efter General Robert E. Lee.[3]


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  1. Farwell, p. xi, states that the owerwhelmingly common uisage o the middle name Jonathan wis never documentit an that Jackson did nae acknawledge it, instead uisin the signatur form "T. J. Jackson." Robertson, p. 19, states that a coonty document on Februar 28, 1841, was the first recorded instance o Jackson uisin a middle initial, althou "whether it stood for his faither Jonathan's name is nae kent." Aw of the ither references tae this airticle cite his full name as Thomas Jonathan Jackson.
  2. Eicher, High Commands, p. 316; Robertson, p. 7. The physician, Dr. James McCally, recalls deliverin baby Thomas juist afore midnixht on Januar 20, but the faimily has insistit syne then that he wis born in the first minutes o Januar 21. The later date is the ane generally acknowledged in biographies.
  3. Jackson biography at Civil War Home Archived 2019-04-12 at the Wayback Machine.