Steven Weinberg

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Nobel prize medal.svg Steven Weinberg
Steven weinberg 2010.jpg
Weinberg at the 2010 Texas Book Festival
Born (1933-05-03) Mey 3, 1933 (age 84)
New York Ceety
Residence Austin, Texas
Naitionality American
Fields Theoretical Pheesics
Alma mater
Thesis The role of strong interactions in decay processes (1957)
Doctoral advisor Sam Treiman[1]
Doctoral students
Kent for
Notable awairds
Spoose Louise Weinberg (m. 1954)
Bairns 1

Steven Weinberg (born Mey 3, 1933) is an American theoretical pheesicist an Nobel laureate in Pheesics for his contreibutions wi Abdus Salam an Sheldon Glashow tae the unification o the waik force an electromagnetic interaction atween elementary pairticles.[7]

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