Stap sign

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A stap sign in Australie

A stap sign is a traffec sign designt tae tell road uisers that they maun mak a hale stap an mak shuir na ither vehicles are comin an na gangers are crossin afore gaun.

Stap signs are uised oothrou the hale warld. Houaniver, maist kintras dinnae uise as mony as are uised in North Americae, Sooth Americae an Sooth Africae, acause thay uise aw-wey staps whit are nae alloued in maist ither auries o the warld. Maist o the ither kintras restrict the uise o stap signs, an uise Gie Wey signs, roondaboots, an/or surrogatum signs an merkins.