Gie wey sign

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A gie wey sign in the Unitit Kinrick

A gie wey or yield sign is a traffec sign that tells road uisers tae slaw doun an boun tae stap gin needit tae lat the vehicle wi the richt o wey gae. A driver thit staps or slaws doun tae lat anither vehicle gae has gied the richt o wey tae that vehicle. This differs fae a stap sign, that requires ilk vehicle tae mak a hale stap afore gaun. The style o gie wey signs differs bi aurie.

Terms[eedit | eedit soorce]

While gie wey an yield hae the same meanin, mony different kintras hae chosen wan term ower the ither. In North Americae, yield is the maist common term. This is the same wi Europe, except the Unitit Kinrick whaur gie wey is uised.