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Traffec sign

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Speed leemit.

Maist Kintras pits signs, kent as traffec signs or road signs, at the sides o roads for tae impairt information tae road uisers. Syne leid differs can create barriers tae understaundin, internaitional signs uisin seembols in steid o wirds haes been developed in Europe an adoptit in maist kintras an areas o the warld. Annexe 1 o the Vienna Convention on Road Signs an Seegnals o November 8t, 1968 defines aicht categories o signs:

  • A. Danger wairnin signs
  • B. Priority signs
  • C. prescriptive signs
  • D. Mandator signs
  • E. Speicial regulation signs
  • F. Information, faceelities, or service signs
  • G. Airtins, poseetion, or indication signs
  • H. Addeetional painels

Houaniver, Kintras an areas categorize road signs in differin weys.