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Stane o Scuin

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The Stane o Scuin (/ˈskn/; Scots Gaelic: An Lia Fàil, Inglis: Stone of Scone), kent as the Stane o Destiny an aw, an eften referred tae in Ingland as The Coronation Stane, is an oblang block o reid saundstane, uised for centuries in the coronation o the monarchs o Scotland an later the monarchs o Ingland an the Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain. In 1950 the stane wis taken frae the muckle kirk o' Westminster Abbey in London, by a wee group o' Scottish nationalists an' returnit to Scotland. It wis found by the polis at the kirk o'Arbroath on 11 April and returnit tae Westminster. In 1996 the chieftain o' the Inglis folk, Prime Meenister John Major, ordered the stane tae be returnit tae Scotland and this wis duly performit by Prince Aindriú o' the Windsors on 30 November 1996.