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Sport in Scotland

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The Scottish Institute of Sport
Lineout in England-Scotland gemme, 2007

Scotland haes mony naitional sportin associes, sic as the Scots Fitbaa Association (SFA) or the Scots Rugby Union (SRU). This gies the kintra its ain representation at mony internaitional sportin events sic as the Fitbaa Warld Cup. Scotland canna compete in the Olympic Gemmes itsel tho, an Scots athletes maun compete as pairt o the Great Breetain team gin thay want tae tak pairt. Houaniver Scotland dis send its ain team tae compete in the Commonweal Gemmes.

Fitbaa is the maist popular sport, baith for playin an watchin. The Scots Fitbaa Associe is the seicont auldest naitional fitbaa associe in the warld an the Scots Cup is the warld's auldest naitional trophy. Forby Scotland haes its ain sportin competitions apairt frae the lave o the UK. The main fitbaa competeetions is the leagues organised bi the Scots Premier League an the Scots Fitbaa League. Teams in the Hieland Fitbaa League, the East o Scotland Fitbaw League an the Sooth o Scotland Fitbaa League competes in the Scots Cup an aw, while the Scots Junior Fitbaa Association is ootwi that structur. Scots fitbaa clubs compete in internaitional competeetions, sic as the UEFA Europa League an the Champions League, baith o which hae been won bi Scots clubs.

The Scots Rugby Union is responsible Rugby in Scotland. Regional Scots rugby clubs competes forby in the Celtic League, alang wi teams frae Ireland an Wales an in the Heineken Cup, the European League for Rugby Union. Mony ither teams play in the twa divisions o the Scots Premiership.

Shinty is rin bi the Camanachd Association an is played for the maist pairt in its Hieland hertland, but in maist o the varsities an ceeties an aw.

The toun o St Andras is the hame o gowf an the rules wis set bi the toun's Royal and Ancient Golf Club in 1897. Scotland is weel kent the warld ower for its mony links coorses.

Scotland is the hame tae curlin an aw. Forby it's no sae popular the day as it is in Canadae, it's aye mair popular in Scotland nor it is in ony o the ither launds in Europe.

Scotland haes the warld's auldest caitchpule (for real tennis) whaur a few fowk plays caitch.

Snooker, hockey, basketba an tennis, is aw gey popular as weel. Thare is e'en aboot 12,000 cricketers in Scotland. It isna juist a sport for the Inglis altho thare is a guid few Scots fowk that thinks it is, as Scotland pleys as an Inglis Coontie.