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Glesga Uni (in yella) playin at haim at Parc na Solais, Garscube

Shinty (Scots Gaelic: Camanachd or iomain) is a tradeetional stick an baw gemme o Scotland. The ruits o the gemme can be traced aw the wey back tae the times afore Jesus Christ. It is sib tae the Erse gemme o hurlin an ilka year the twa teams o Scotland an Ireland plays aff in the Shinty/Hurlin Cup.

It is afttimes cried the naitional gemme o Scotland awtho fitbaa, curlin an gowf aw claims this an aw.

Shinty haes sax senior leagues: diveesions ane an three in the North, twa in the Sooth an a premier league. As weel as the seniors, mony varsities sic as the Varsity in Glesga an Aiberdeen Varsity plays in a league o thair ain, an plays yearly for the Littlejohn Vase in an ae-day event.

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