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Songkhla Province

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Location o the Songkhla Province.

Songkhla (Thai: สงขลา, Malay: Singgora) is ane o the soothren provinces (changwat) o Thailand. Neighborin provinces are (from east clockwise) Satun, Phatthalung, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Pattani an Yala. Tae the sooth it borders Kedah an Perlis o Malaysie.

In contrast tae maist ither provinces, the caipital Songkhla is no the lairgest ceety in the province. The muckle newer ceety o Hat Yai, wi a population o 359,813, is considerably lairger, wi twice the population o Songkhla (163,072). This aften leads tae the misconception that Hat Yai is the provincial caipital.

Baith ceeties are pairt o Greater Hatyai-Songkhla Metropolitan Aurie.