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Sofia Coppola
Sofia Coppola Cannes 2014.jpg
Born Sofia Carmina Coppola
(1971-05-14) 14 Mey 1971 (age 48)
New York Ceety, New York, U.S.
Residence Paris, France
Ither names Domino Coppola
  • Director
  • producer
  • screenwriter
  • actress
Years active 1972–present
Childer 2
Parents Francis Ford Coppola (faither)
Eleanor Coppola (mither)
Faimily Gian-Carlo Coppola (brither)
Roman Coppola (brither)
Jason Schwartzman (cousin)
Robert Schwartzman (cousin)
Nicolas Cage (cousin)
Marc Coppola (cousin)
Christopher Coppola (cousin)
Talia Shire (aunt)
Gia Coppola (niece)

Sofia Carmina Coppola (born Mey 14, 1971)[1] is an American screenwriter, director, producer an actress. In 2003, she received the Academy Awaird for Best Oreeginal Screenplay for the comedy-drama Lost in Translation, an acame the third woman tae be nominatit for an Academy Awaird for Best Director. In 2010, wi the drama Somewhere, she acame the first American woman (an fowert American filmmakker) tae win the Gowden Lion, the tap prize at the Venice Film Festival.[2] Her faither is director, producer an screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola.

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