Lost in Translation (film)

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Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directit bi Sofia Coppola
Produced bi Sofia Coppola
Ross Katz
Written bi Sofia Coppola
Starnin Bill Murray
Scarlett Johansson
Giovanni Ribisi
Anna Faris
Fumihiro Hayashi
Muisic bi Brian Reitzell
Kevin Shields
Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Cinematografie Lance Acord
Eeditit bi Sarah Flack
Distributit bi Focus Features (US) Pathé (Fraunce)
Constantin Film (Germany)
Momentum Pictures (UK)
Release date
Runnin time
101 minutes[1]
Kintra Unitit States[2]
Leid Inglis
Budget $4 million[3]
Box office $119.7 million[3]

Lost in Translation is a 2003 American-Japanese romantic comedy-drama film written an directit bi Sofia Coppola. It wis her seicont featur film efter The Virgin Suicides (1999). It starns Bill Murray as agin actor Bob Harris, wha befriends college graduate Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) in a Tokyo hotel.

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