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Nestlé Smarties

Nestlé Smarties is a colourfu succar-coatit chocolate sweeties weel-likit in the Unitit Kinrick, Sooth Africae, Canadae an Australie. Thay're seemilar tae M&Ms made bi Mars.

In the UK, Smarties wis for ordinar selt in cairdbuird tubes, tappit wi a colourfu lid for ordinar wi a letter o the ABC upo it. In Februar 2005, it wis annoonced that the tradeetional ceelinder tube wis tae be replaced wi a new sax-sidit "Hexatube" pack in the simmer. Nestlé haes statit that the redesign is for tae haud the kenmerk kenspeckle for tae grip the tent o bairns.