Skyre Fuirsday

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The Mystical Supper, icon bi Simon Ushakov (1685).

Skyre Fuirsday, kent as Guid Fuirsday or Haly Fuirsday forby, is the Christian feast or haly day fawin on the Fuirsday afore Pace that commemorates the Last Supper o Jesus Christ wi His Apostles. It is the fift day o Haly Week, an is precedeit by Haly Wadensday an follaed by Guid Friday. The date is aye atween 19t Mairch an 22nt Aprile inclusive. Thae dates in the Julian calendar that Eastren kirks for ordinar bases thair calculations o the date o Pace on, affeir throu-oot the twinty-first century tae 1 Aprile an 5 Mey in the mair commonly uised Gregorian calendar.