Sipho Thwala

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Sipho Thwala
BornSipho Mandla Agmatir Thwala
KwaMashu, Durban,
Sooth Africae
Ither names"The Phoenix Strangler"
Criminal penalty
Life impreesonment
(506 years)
Span o killins
KintraSooth Africae
Date apprehendit

Sipho Mandla Agmatir Thwala (born 1968) is a Sooth African rapist an serial killer who wis convictit in 1999 for the murthers o 16 weemen an 10 rapes. He wis sentencit tae 506 years in preeson.[1] Thwala wis kent bi the moniker "The Phoenix Strangler".[1]

Thwala, born an raised in KwaMashu, began his year-lang rape an murther spree in 1996 in Sooth Africae's KwaZulu-Natal province.[2] His modus operandi wis tae lur local weemen intae accompanyin him throu the succarcane fields o Mount Edgecombe near the toun o Phoenix wi the promise o employment as domestic servants in hotels.[1] Ance thay wur deep athin the cane fields, Thwala wad attack the weemen, bind them wi thair awn unnergarments an then rape, strangle an bludgeon them tae daith. Efterwairds, hopin tae destroy ony fisical evidence o his attack, he wad set fire tae the cane fields.[2]

Thwala wis arrestit in 1997 efter Sooth African polis matched DNA foond on the victims tae DNA taken frae Thwala in 1994 when he wis arrestit an acquittit o a rape.[1] On 31 Mairch 1999, the High Court in Durban foond Thwala guilty o 16 murthers an 10 rapes an sentencit him tae 506 years in preeson.[2]

Thwala is currently bein held at C Max Penitentiary in Pretoria, Sooth Africae.

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