Sima Bina

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Simā Binā
Background information
Birth nameSimā Binā
Born1944 (age 79–80)
OreiginBirjand, Iran
GenresPersie tradeetional muisic
ThriftSangster o Fowkloric sangs
WabsteidSimā Binā

Simā Binā (Persie: سیما بینا‎) (born 1944 in Birjand, Iran) is notable Persie classical muisicker [1] an Iran's researcher, componer, sangster an sang-writer o Iranian fowk muisic. She is currently livin in Cologne, Germany.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Began tae learn muisic when she wis 9 unner the direction o her faither Ahmad Bina (Tafreshi) an Iranian Classical muisicker an poet, Efter graduatin frae the University o Tehran in 1969 wi a major in Airts, Sima Bina continued an completit her studies wi maister Abdollah Davami.[2]

Her main focus is Iranian fowk muisic. Bina haes been able tae gather an revive a collection o amaist forgotten Iranian fowk sangs an melodies. A captivatin vocalist, Sima Bina is ane o the leadin exponents o the tradeetional muisic o Khorasan. For decades she haes done extensive research on Persie fowk sangs, collectin, recordin, writin an re-interpretin popular regional muisic. Her wirks cover the whole spectrum o Iranian fowk muisic includin Mazandarani muisic, Kurdish muisic, Turkmen muisic, Baloch muisic, Lor muisic.

Syne 1993, Sima Bina haes been invitit tae present her collection o Persie fowk sangs in festivals aw ower the warld,[2] includin "97 Världen I Norden" in Norawa, an "99 WDR Weltmusik Festival" in Bonn, Germany.

Due tae her devotion an dedication tae the Iranian fowk muisic, Sima Bina can nou see the materialisation o thirty years o meticulous wirk bi makkin her muisic kent warldwide.

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