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Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud, 1885

Sigmund Freud (6 Mey 185623 September 1939) wis an Austrian Jewish psychotherapist an the foonder o the psychoanalytic schuil o psychotherapy a group that popularised the theory that unconscious motives taks chairge the feck o behaviour. He becam interestit in hypnotism an whit wey it coud be uised for tae holp the mentally ill. Later on he drappit hypnotism in favour o free association an dream analysis in developin the traitment nou kent as "the talking cure." Thir elements becam the kernel o psychoanalysis. Freud wis byordinar interestit in hysteria as it wis cried at thon time—it is cried conversion syndrome the nou.

Freud's theories, an his traitment o patients, wis controversial in 19t century Vienna, an is steively debatit yet. Freud's conceits is aften talked ower an analeesed as warks o leeteratur, philosophy, an general cultur ower an abuin the ongaun debate anent them as scienteefic an medical traitises. The name Freud is maistlins pronoonced Froid in Inglis an Froit in German. He wis the faunder o psychoanalysis. Freud write The Interpretation of Dreams an Three Essays on The Theory of Sexuality. He died in Lunnon, Ingland.

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