Siege o Roxburgh Castle

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Siege o Roxburgh Castle
Pairt o Wars o Scots Unthirldom
Date19 Februar 1314
LocationRoxburgh Castle, Scotland
55°35′46″N 2°27′25″W / 55.596°N 2.457°W / 55.596; -2.457Coordinates: 55°35′46″N 2°27′25″W / 55.596°N 2.457°W / 55.596; -2.457
Result Scots veectory
Flag of Scotland.svg
Kinrick o Scotland
Flag of England.svg
Kinrick o Ingland
Commanders an leaders
James Douglas, Laird o Douglas William de Fiennes
Unkent, inferior tae the Inglis Thoosands
Casualties an losses
Law Heich

The Siege o Roxburgh wis a siege that teuk place in 1314. It wis a major conflict in the First War o Scots Unthirldom.