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Shishapangma (left) frae moontain flicht, Nepal
Heichest pynt
Elevation8,027 m (26,335 ft) [1][2][3][4]
Ranked 14t
Prominence2,897 m (9,505 ft) [5]
Ranked 111t
Isolation91 kilometre (57 mi)
Coordinates28°21′08″N 85°46′47″E / 28.35222°N 85.77972°E / 28.35222; 85.77972Coordinates: 28°21′08″N 85°46′47″E / 28.35222°N 85.77972°E / 28.35222; 85.77972[6]
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LocationNyalam Coonty, Tibet, Cheenae
Parent rangeJugal/Langtang Himal, Himalayas
First ascent2 Mey 1964 bi Xǔ Jìng et al. (Cheenese)
(First winter ascent 14 Januar 2005 Piotr Morawski an Simone Moro)
Easiest routesnaw/ice climb

Shishapangma,[7][8] cried Gosainthān an aw, is the 14t heichest moontain in the warld at 8,027 metre (26,335 ft) abuin sea level.

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