Shiba Inu

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Shiba Inu
3 year old reid Shiba Inu
Ither namesJapanese Shiba Inu
Japanese Smaa Size Dug
Shiba Ken
Common eik-namesShiba
Wecht Male 22 poonds (10 kg)
Female 20 (9 kg)
Hicht Male 14 inches tae 16 inches (35–43 cm)
Female 13 inches tae 15 inches (33–41 cm)
Coat double
Colour Reid, Sesame,Black an tan, or white
Bruid size 3 puppies on average
Life span 12–15 years
Clessification / staundarts
FCI Group 5, Section 5 #257 staundart
AKC Non-sportin staundart
ANKC Group 6 (Utility) staundart
CKC Group 6 - Non-Sportin staundart
KC (UK) Utility staundart
NZKC [1][2] It is similar in appearance tae the Akita, tho much smawer in statur.
Domestic dug (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Shiba Inu (柴犬) is the smawest o the sax oreeginal an distinct spitz breeds o dug frae Japan.[1]

A smaa, agile dug that copes very well wi muntainous terrain, the Shiba Inu wis oreeginally bred for huntin.[1][2] It is seemilar in appearance tae the Akita, tho much smawer in statur. It is ane o the few auncient dug breeds still in existence in the warld the day.[3]

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