Shema Yisrael

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The Shema as a haiku

Shema is the first Jewish prayer that bairns learn, an whit a'body seys three times in the day. Ance in the morn whaun ye get up; ance though the day; an afore ye gang tae yer bed. The wurds are frae the beuk o Deuteronomy, whit lays doon the laws a Jewish life an wurship. Shema meana "listen oot!" in the Ebreu leid.

Shema, Israel! Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad! That's the stairt o it; it seys, Listen oot, fowk o Israel! Yer God is Ane, an there is but ane God.

If ye're in a synagogue, the fowk micht repeat, Baruch shem k'vod, malchuto olam vayed that's Ebreu leid fur, Bless'd be His name, an' His kingdom, fur aye.

Then ye start oan the prayer proper.

An' ye'll luv the Lord, yer God, wi' a' yer hert, an' a' yer sowel, an' a' yer strength An' a' the wurds that I am awa' tae gie ye, ye'll ley up in yer hert. Ye'll teach them tae yer bairns, an' ye'll spik o' them As ye sit in yer hoose, whilies ye gang up the road, afore ye gang tae yer bed, an when ye get up in the mornin. Ye'll keep them as a sign oan yer airms, an atween yer ee'n. Ye'll scrive them oan the posts o' yer hoose door, an' yer yett. An' it will come tae pass, if ye hearken tae My wurds that I hae ge'en ye this day, tae luv yer God, an' serve Him, wi' a' yer hert an sowel, Ah will gie ye the rain fur yer lands, at the proper time, The early rain and the late rain. Ye will gaither in yer hairst an' yer wine an' yer oil I will pit grass oan yer loan fur yer kye An ye will all eat hearty and hae fu' bellies. But mind! Lest ye be tempted awa, an ye find strange gods tae bow doon tae Fur then the anger o yer God will blaze agin ye, and He will shut the Heavens, an there will be nae mair rain. Ye'll get nuthin' frae the grun, an ye'll be pit awa' frae the guid soil that ye were gi'en. So, ye'll place these wurds in yer hert and sowel, ye'll pit them fur a sign oan yer airms and atween yer ee'n. Ye'll learn them tae yer bairns, ye'll chew the fat wi' them, as ye sit in her hooses, as ye gang up the road, as ye gang tae sleep an as ye get up. Ye'll pit them oan yer door posts an' yer yetts. So's ye'll lengthen yer days an' the day's o' yer bairns, in the place that God has promised tae yer forefaithers Tae gie them, fur as lang's there's a Heaven ower the Airth. An God says tae Moses, Spik tae the folk o' Israel, an' tell them, they huv tae mak' wee fringes a' doon the edges o' their claes A'body doon a' the generations An' at the corner o' each fringe tae hae a wee cordie o' blue worst An that's gaunny be yer "tzitzit", tae remind ye when ye see it, Ye'll mind on a' the commandments o' yer God an ye'll folly them, An' no listen tae yer ain hert, or folly yer ane ee'n, for they'll only tak' ye doon the wrang path. But ye'll mind oan My commandments an' dae them a', an keep yersels Holy fur yer God. Fur I am the Lord, yer God Fa brocht ye awa' frae Egyp faur ye were slaves. I AM THE LORD, YER God.