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Sheikh Fazlollah Noori (Persian: شیخ فضل‌الله نوری, d.Born Mazandaran 31 July 1909, Tehran) wis a prominent Shiite Muslim cleric in Iran durin the late 19t an early 20t century opposed the Iranian Constitutional Revolution an wis executit for treason as a result. The day, he is considered a martyr (shahid) in the fecht against democracy bi Islamic conservatives in Iran.

Sheik Fazlullah wis born in 1843. Efter feenishing primary education, he left Iran for Najaf an left for Samara tae enjoy Mirza Shirazi's excellence. He went tae Iran in 1883 an teuk residency in Tehran. He believit in the Sharia. He believit that Muslims need an Islamic parliament based on Koran an Mohammad's experience.

Noori wis ane o the maist vigorous opponents o the Iranian Constitutional Revolution, a muivement tae remuive foreign influence frae Iran, limit the pouer o the Shah an establish a naitional consultative assembly that wad give the fowk a voice in the affairs o state. The muivement wis led principally bi merchants, intellectuals an some clerics. Noori initially gave restrained support tae the uprisin, but he suin became an extreme creetic an enemy o the constitutionalists. He authored pamphlets an incitit mobs against constitutionalism an constitutionalists preachin that they wad bring vice tae Iran. He issued a fatwa declarin aw members o the new parliament an govrenment "apostates", "atheists," "secret Babis," an koffar al-harbi (warlike pagans) whose blood oucht tae be shed bi the faithful.[1] [2]

Noori allied hissel wi the new Shah, Mohammad Ali Shah, who wi the assistance o Roushie troops stagit a coup against the Majlis (parliament) in 1907. In 1909, housomeivver, constitutionalists mairchit ontae Tehran (the caipital o Iran). Noori wis arrestit, tried an found guilty o sowin corruption an sedition on earth,`[2] an on 31 Julie 1909, Noori wis hanged as a traitor.

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