Seram Island

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Seram Island
Seram en.png
Seram Island
Maluku Islands en.png
Location Sooth East Asie
Archipelago Molucca Islands
Area 17,100 km2 (6,600 sq mi)
Area rank 52nd
Highest elevation 3,027 m (9,931 ft)
Highest point Binaiya
Population 434,113 (as of 2010)
Density 25.4 /km2 (65.8 /sq mi)

Seram (umwhile spelled Ceram; an aa Seran or Serang) is the lairgest an main island o Maluku province o Indonesie, despite Ambon Island's historical importance. It is locatit juist north o smawer Ambon Island.

Coordinates: 3°08′S 129°30′E / 3.133°S 129.500°E / -3.133; 129.500