Season of Mist

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Season of Mist
FoonderMichael S. Berberian
Distributor(s)EMI Music (USA)
GenreVarious brands o metal
Kintra o oreeginFrance – Unitit States

Season of Mist is a record label an record distributor wi subsidiaries in France an the Unitit States. The record label wis foondit in 1996 bi Michael S. Berberian in Marseille, Fraunce. Frae the stairt releasin black metal, pagan metal an daith metal records, the label muivit on tae releasin albums o avant-garde metal, gothic metal an punk baunds as well. Season of Mist is widely respectit as ane o the top labels in the extreme metal scene. The label haes twa offices, ane in Marseille, Fraunce an ane in Philadelphia, U.S..

Season of Mist haes a pairtnership wi EMI Music who distribute the label's releases in North Americae.[1][2]

Muisic[eedit | eedit soorce]

Frae the beginnin, Season of Mist focused on releasin mair extreme metal records bi stylistically diverse baunds like Oxiplegatz, Bethzaida an Kampfar. Wi the signin o Norse legends Mayhem in 1999 the label's profile clearly shiftit towards black metal an attractit internationally renouned airtists like Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, Arcturus an Solefald, wi the latter twa representin a marked progressive an avant-garde side tae Season of Mist.

While stayin close tae its black metal ruits wi the creation o the Season of Mist Underground Activists diveesion in 2007, the label widened its muisical range an addit tae its black, daith, doom (Saint Vitus) an thrash metal roster baunds playin progressive daith metal (Morbid Angel, Cynic, Atheist, Gnostic, Gonin-ish), sludge (Kylesa, Outlaw Order), industrial metal (Genitorturers, The CNK, Punish Yourself), hard rock (Ace Frehley), gothic rock (Christian Death), mathcore (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Psykup), garage rock (1969 Was Fine), modren metal (Dagoba, Eths, Trepalium, Black Comedy) an metalcore (Eyeless, The Arrs).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Season of Mist wis formit in 1996, while foonder Michael S. Berberian wis completin his scholarships in "International Economics Sciences" initially, accordin tae Berberian, as a wey aroond the compulsory naitional military service in Fraunce. Syne his graduation the label haes become a full time job for Michael an achievit a steady growth wi Season of Mist nou employin 20 members o staff. In the year 2002 Season of Mist stairtit oot as a distributor for the French territory anaw, which meanwhile includes ither metal labels like Metal Blade Records, Spinefarm Records or Napalm Records on their roster.

Season of Mist's name oreeginates frae "A Midsummer Night's Dream", the play bi William Shakespeare, an the Sandman comic beuk "Season of Mists". You can read that phrase in the first line o John Keats' "To Autumn" ode an aw.

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