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SynonymsMoeller's disease, Cheadle's disease, scorbutus,[1] Barlow's disease, hypoascobemia[1]
Scorbutic gums, a symptom o scruibie. Note gingival reidness in the triangle-shaped aurie atween the teeth
SymptomsWaikness, feelin tired, curly hair, sore airms an legs, gum disease, easy bleedin[1][2]
CausesNae eneuch vitamin C[1]
Risk factorsMental disorders, unuisual eatin haibits, alcoholism, auld fowk wha leeve alane, intestinal malabsorption, dialysis[2]
Diagnostic methodBased on symptoms[2]
TreatmentVitamin C supplements[1]

Scruibie is a disease resultin frae a lack o vitamin C.[1] Early symptoms include weakness, feelin tired, curly hair, and sore arms and legs.[1][2] Withoot treatment, decreased reid bluid cells, gum disease, an bleedin frae the skin mey occur.[1] As scruibie worsens thare can be puir wound healin, personality chynges, an finally daith frae infection or bleedin.[2]

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