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Scottish Maritime Museum

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Scottish Maritime Museum
The Linthoose biggin
LocationThe Linthoose, Harbour Road,
Irvin, Ayrshire KA12 8BT
Coordinates55°36′34″N 4°40′37″W / 55.60953°N 4.67684°W / 55.60953; -4.67684
Scottish Maritime Museum
The Dumbarton building
LocationDenny Ship Model Experiment Tank,
Castle Street,
Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire G82 1QS
Coordinates55°56′36″N 4°33′47″W / 55.94342°N 4.56312°W / 55.94342; -4.56312
TeepMaritime museum
Collection sizeBuildings, ship testing tank, historic vessels, artefacts, art, personal items, shipbuilding tools and machinery
DirectorDavid Mann
CuratorAbigail McIntyre

The Scottish Maritime Museum is an industrial museum thit hauds a Collection Recognised as Nationally Significant to Scotland (Scots: Collection Kent as Signeeficantly National-like tae Scotland).[1] It is fund at twa site in the Wast o Scotland in Irvin an Dumbarton, focusin maistly on Scotland's shipbiggin heritage.

Irvin - The Linthoose

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The museum's Linthouse biggin is fund at Irvine Harbour, seetiuait in the category A listit umwhile Ingine Shop bi Alexander Stephen and Sons, thit wis taen an pit awa fraw thair abandont Linthouse shipyaird in Glesga in 1991.[2] Nou the Linthoose ingineerin shop is hame tae a collection wi signeeficant vessels includin MV Kyles[3] and MV Spartan[4] thit are listit on the National Historic Ships UK register. A verra signeeficant vessel biggit fae airn in 1872 in Paisley, MV Kyles is the auldest airn Clyde biggit vessel still afloat in Breetain.[5] It wis pit intae the museum's collection in 1984.[6] The museum haes a collection o marine ingines an industrial machine tuils an aw, an awns a reduin 1920s wirker's tenement flat at Irvine Harbour. The museum haes a signeeficant collection o artwork fund bi the Heritage Lottery Fund forby.[7] In 2020 the museum managed tae heeze funds tae keep MV Kyles as a floatin vessel.[6]

Dumbarton - Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank

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The Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank, in Dumbarton, pits a focus on the naval architect warld. Shipbigger William Denny Jr fae William Denny and Brothers wis inspired bi the wirk fae weel-forrit naval architect William Froude an completit the tank for his shipyaird in 1883. It wis the warld's first commercial exemple o a ship testin tank. Re-appent as a museum in 1983, it hauds lots o its oreeginal featurs, includin the oreeginal 100-meter-lang tank. The museum tells the story o the test tank's oreeginal awners, William Denny and Brothers of Dumbarton, an aw. Ae o the maist new-fangelt shipbiggin companies in the warld until thay closed up shop in 1963.

Trust structur

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The museum is an independent museum operatit by a chairitable trust: the Scottish Maritime Museum Trust (Scots: The Scots Maritime Museum Trust). It stairtit operations in 1983.[8] The first trust chairperson wis Clydeside shipbigger Ross Belchm an he haud on tae the post until 1998.[9] The foondin Director wis Dr Henry C. McMurray.[full citation needit]

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Faurer Readin

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