Saunt Anne

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Saint Anne
Greek icon o Saunt Anne an Mary, bi Angelos Akotantos
Mither o the Virgin, Mystic, Maternal Heroine, Wumman o Amram
Bornc. 1st century B.C.E.
Veneratit inChristianity
Feast26 Julie (Wastren calendar) an 25 Julie (Eastren calendar)
AttributesBook, door, wi Mary, Jesus or Joachim
Patronagecarpenters; bairnless fowk;
equestrians; grandparents;
hamemakers/hoosewives; lace makers;
lost airticles; Fasnia (Tenerife);
Mainar; Detroit;
miners; mithers;
muivin hoose; auld-clothes dealers; poverty; pregnancy;
seamstresses; stablemen; sterility

Saunt Anne (kent as Ann or Anna an aw, frae Ebreu Hannah חַנָּה, meanin "favor" or "grace") o David's hoose an line, wis the mither o the Virgin Mary an guidmither o Jesus Christ, accordin tae Christian an Islamic tradeetion. Mary's mither is no namit in the canonical gospels, nor in the Qur'an. Anne's name an that o her husband Joachim come anerly frae New Testament apocrypha, o which the Protoevangelium o James (written aiblins aroond 150) seems tae be the earliest that mentions thaim.

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