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Statue o David bi Nicolas Cordier, in the basilica o Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome

David (Ebreu:דָּוִד, דָּוִיד,David,Dāwîḏ;beloved) wis the seicont king o the unitit Kinrick o Israel accordin tae the Hebrew Bible. He is depictit as a righteous king, although no athoot fault, as well as an acclaimed warrior, muisician an poet, traditionally creditit for composin mony o the psalms contained in the Book o Psalms.

Edwin Thiele dates his life tae c.1040–970 BC, his reign ower Judah c.1010–1003 BC, an his reign over the united Kinrick o Israel c.1003–970 BC.[1] The Books of Samuel, 1 Kings, an 1 Chronicles are the ae source o information on his life an reign, although the Tel Dan stele records the existence in the mid-9t century o a Judean royal dynasty cawed the "Hoose o David".

David's life is particularly important tae Jewish, Christian, an Islamic cultur. In Judaism, David, or David HaMelekh ("David, the keeng"), is the Keeng o Israel, an the Jewish fowk. A direct descendant o David will be the Mashiach. In Christianity David is kent as an ancestor o Jesus' adoptive faither Joseph, an in Islam, he is kent as Dawood, considered tae be a prophet an the king o a naition.

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