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Satyagraha (/ˌsætɪəˈɡrɑːhɑː/; Sanskrit: सत्याग्रह satyāgraha), loosely translatit as "insistence on truth" (satya "truth"; agraha "insistence") or haulding ontae truth[1] or truth force, is a pairteecular filosofie an practice within the broader oweraw category generally kent as nonviolent resistance or ceevil resistance. The term satyagraha wis coined an developed bi Mahatma Gandhi.[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. “Truth (satya) implies love, and firmness (agraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force. I thus began to call the Indian movement Satyagraha, that is to say, the Force which is born of Truth and Love or nonviolence, and gave up the use of the phrase “passive resistance”, in connection with it, so much so that even in English writing we often avoided it and used instead the word “satyagraha” itself or some other equivalent English phrase.”
  2. Uma Majmudar (2005). Gandhi's pilgrimage of faith: from darkness to light. SUNY Press. p. 138. ISBN 9780791464052.