Satu Hassi

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Satu Hassi
Satu Hassi, Finland-MIP-Europaparlament-by-Leila-Paul-1.jpg
Member o the European Pairlament
for Finland
Assumed office
Personal details
Born (1951-07-03) Julie 3, 1951 (age 66)
Helsinki, Finland
Naitionality Finnish
Poleetical pairty Green League

Satu Maijastiina Hassi (born 3 June 1951) is a Finnish politeecian, an Memmer o the European Pairlament for the Green League. She servit as the Meenister o Environment an Development Co-Operation in Paavo Lipponen's seicont cabinet atween 15 Aprile 1999 an 31 Mey 2002; in accordance wi her pairty's position on the issue, she quit the cabinet in protest o the govrenment's decision tae build a fift nuclear pouer plant in Finland. Hassi servit as the leader o her pairty atween 1999 an 2001. She wis a member o the naitional pairlament frae 1991 tae 2004; she left the pairlament when she wis electit tae the European Pairlament as the sole Finnish Green representative in the 2004 election.

In the European Pairlament she is Vice Preses o the Committee on the Environment, Public Health an Fuid Safety, vice member o the Committee on Industry, Research an Energy an member o the Temporary Committee on Climate Change.

Hassi wis previously a taistoist, a pro-Soviet member o the Communist Pairty in the 1970s. She haes a licentiate in technology, haes wirkit as an ingineer in a pouer company an taught at Tampere University o Technology. She haes published three novels, a collection o poems an several essays. She haes an aw been co-author o a series o physics beuks for heich schuil students.

Hassi haes recovered frae breast cancer.[1]

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Pairty poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Tuija Brax
Chairperson of the Green League
Succeedit bi
Osmo Soininvaara

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