Tuija Brax

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Tuija Brax

Tuija Kaarina Brax (née Karvonen, born 6 Januar 1965 in Helsinki) is a Finnish politeecian an umwhile Meenister o Juistice. She is a Member o Finnish Parliament, representin the Green League. She wis first electit tae the Parliament in 1995. She haes been the Meenister o Juistice in Matti Vanhanen's seicont cabinet an Mari Kiviniemi's cabinet.

She haes an aw been a member o the Helsinki Ceety Cooncil frae 1993 an she is active in various professional sport organisations.

Brax haes a Maister's degree in law frae the University o Helsinki. Brax haes an aw served as the Chair o the Legal Affairs Committee in the Finnish Parliament. She is marriet tae Antti Brax. They hae twa childer, Aarni (born 1993) an Arttu (born 1997).

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Leena Luhtanen
Meenister o Juistice
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Chairperson o the Green League
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