Sandra Nurmsalu

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Sandra Nurmsalu
Sandra Nurmsalu (2009)
Background information
Born (1988-12-06) 6 December 1988 (age 35)
Alavere, Estonie
Genresclassical crossover, classical music
InstrumentsVocals, Violin
Years active2004–present
Associate actsUrban Symphony, Pink Tank, Virre, Pillipiigad

Sandra Nurmsalu (born 6 Disember 1988)[1] is a Estonie sangster, violinist an lead sangster o the baund Urban Symphony. Urban Symphony representit Estonie in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 on 16 Mey. Nurmsalu sang the lead for the Eurovision entry sang "Rändajad". It qualifee'd frae the seicont semi-feenal an feenisht at 6t place.[2]

She became kent throu pairticipation in the youth soloist competition 2 takti ette, held biennially bi the Eesti Televisioon an broadcast naitionwide whaur she feenished in 4t place.[3] Syne takkin pairt in the Eurovision Song Contest, she haes gained a considerable fan base in Europe. Nurmsalu haed previously been a pairt o Estonie fowk group Pillipiigad for seiven years an Virre for three.

Nurmsalu wis raised in Alavere veelage, Harju Coonty. She made her first muisical steps in the muisic schuil o Kose.

Nurmsalu haes performit on the reality-competition gameshow Eesti otsib superstaari (pairt o the Idol series). Each contestant haed tae chuise an Estonie sangster tae perform a duet wi. Contestant Ott Lepland, later winner o the contest, choose Nurmsalu tae perform "Rändajad".

On 11 Mairch 2010 it wis confirmit that Sandra wis pregnant wi her first bairn, a girl, tae whom she gave birth on the 26 Julie 2010.[4] Efter pregnancy Sandra decidit tae put her muisic career on hauld tae concentrate on raisin her newborn bairn.

In Julie 2012 Sandra returned tae her singin career bi featurin on the single "Sel Teel" frae the Estonie act Sinine.[5] The sang wis, twa week, 1st o the Radio Elmar chairt,[6] the sang stay 10 weeks in the rankin. She wis 8t o the Uuno Top 25 an stay 21 weeks in the rankin. An Sel Teel is 1st at the 22nt week, an in the top 3, 5 weeks, o the francophone rankin EFR12 Radio,[7] it stay 25 weeks in the rankin.

In October 2012, Sandra went on tour alangside mony ither Estonie airtists tae celebrate 100 years o Estonie film an muisic, performin concerts at venues in Tallinn, Pärnu an Tartu.[8]

In late 2012, Sandra annoncit a concert tour namit "Rändajad" efter her first popular single wi the group Urban Symphony. The tour played at venues aroond the Harju Coonty which she grew up in, includin her hame toun o Alavere.[9]

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Awairds an achievements
Precedit bi
with "Leto svet"
Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest
(as pairt o Urban Symphony)
Succeedit bi
Malcolm Lincoln and
Manpower 4
wi "Siren"