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Sanctuary Cove is a gatit community, in the suburb o Hope Island in the Gold Coast aurie o Queensland, Australie. It wis the first o such developments in Australie an is notable for its impact in plannin legislation in Queensland which haed tae be altered tae allou it tae proceed, due tae the privatisation o such lairge auries o urban land.

It covers an aurie o 474 hectares.[1]

Sanctuary Cove provides a completely sel-contained residential environment wi its awn shoppin centre an entertainment facilities, wi the addition o mony o the facilities o a holiday resort, such as boatin marinas an gowf courses.

Sanctuary Cove continues tae grow as remainin land is developed. The latest parcel released in early 2007 is kent as "Tristania".

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Coordinates: 27°51′10.48″S 153°21′43.97″E / 27.8529111°S 153.3622139°E / -27.8529111; 153.3622139