Hope Island, Queensland

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Hope Island is a suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. At the 2006 Census, Hope Island haed a population o 5,396.[1] Hope Island is popular due tae its close proximity tae baith the Gold Coast beaches an Brisbane ceety.

The aurie wis named efter colonial aristocrat Captain Louis Hope, who wis grantit approximately 1,800 acres (7.3 km2) o land at the mooth o the Coomera River in recognition o his contreibution in developin the succar industry in Queensland.

Efter arrivin in Moreton Bay in 1848, Hope spent the next 20 years biggin succar plantations on the edge o Moreton Bay. The development o a succar plantation cried ‘Rockholm’ on the Island wis lairgely unnertaken bi the Grimes Faimily. Bi the twintiet century, the succar an arrowroot plantation haed passed intae the haunds o the Sheehan an Davidson families. Hope hissel niver actually lived in the suburb o Hope Island, preferrin tae live in Ormiston on the edge o Moreton Bay.

Hope Island is currently unnergoin major strategic plannin bi developers, thegither wi the Gold Coast Ceety Cooncil. Some development components / maister plannin considers complements o mixed uise, commercial an residential developments.

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